Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine with Russian special forces and threatens other peaceful neighbors. Putin's military machine has killed thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, shot-down an international civilian airliner, maintains two bases in Eastern Ukraine, and mocked U.S. and European leaders by ignoring every peace agreement he has signed.

Until Putin complies with Minsk 2, dismantles Russian bases in Eastern Ukraine, withdraws forces, and ends his proxy war -- people of conscience worldwide cannot allow Putin the financial and public relations bonanza of hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup -- easily renamed the "Corruption Cup." FIFA sponsors -- such as Coca-Cola, VISA and McDonald's -- are calling for action against FIFA corruption. So can you!

"We say 'yes' to Russia. Our support is especially important during the current geopolitical situation. You make us happy and comfortable." -- said disgraced FIFA President Sepp Blatter to Vladimir Putin on July 25, 2015 during 2018 World Cup qualifying match draw.


Yes, Putin and disgraced -- and now suspended -- FIFA President Blatter might deserve each other, but Ukraine and the World Cup deserve better.

Say "NO!" to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and to FIFA Corruption.

Join others worldwide to deny Putin financial and PR victories from the 2018 Corruption Cup.